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DIY Spa - At Home

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Body Polish - At Home

Things You Need: A Massage Cream

Exfoliator: Mix 15-20 crushed sesame seeds, 2 tbsp honey and few dried mint leaves.

Exfoliator: Mix 15-20 crushed sesame seeds, 2 tbsp honey and few dried mint leaves.

Massage Oil: 50ml olive oil or sesame oil mixed with 8-10 drops of essential oil. Oil should be chosen according to your mood: Lavender relaxes, jasmine makes you happy, rose calms and cinnamon relieves fatigue.

Body Polish Mask: Mix the pulp of a small papaya and a cucumber with one part honey, four parts oatmeal, two parts yoghurt and one part orange juice.

Body Lotion: Mix 6 tbsp rose water, 4 tbsp orange juice and one tsp pure glycerin.

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Choose Hairstyle To Suit Face


The Square Face: To make the best of this shape, choose a hairstyle with long layers, preferably one that features soft waves or curls. This will create a softness that detracts from the hard lines particularly around the jaw. The hair should be parted at the side of the head and any fringe (bangs) combed away from the face.

The Long Face:Soften the effect with short layers, or go for a bob with a fringe to create horizontal lines. Scrunch-dried or curly bobs balance a long face.

The Round Face:Choose a style with a short fringe, which lengthens the face, and a short cut, which makes the face look thinner.


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Master Make Up Moves

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Applying Makeup : Apply makeup which suits you correctly to create a balance with your clothing.


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